Current Research Interest


The Radiation Detection and Medical Imaging Sensor Laboratory (RDMIS Lab.) have been involved in many research projects related to radiation detection, radioisotope analysis, radiation shielding using simulations and experimental equipment. Especially, it has endeavored to make improvements in radiation imaging applications for medical purposes. The current research interest of RDMIS Lab. is mostly on developing imaging sensors and detectors for medical uses such as X-ray Laminography, Computed Tomography (CT), Positron Emission Tomography (PET), or non-destructive cargo inspection system. Radiation shielding design in pyroprocessing, radioisotope identifying algorithms, radiation dosimetry, non-destructive radiation cargo inspection system and Radiation Portal Monitor (RPM) system are also being developed.


X-ray sensor, detector, circuit and scintillator for imaging applications and tests

The front-end / back-end circuits (FPGA, ASIC), and detectors based on indirect CMOS X-ray imaging sensor and detectors for medical applications have been developed. Also photon counting methods using CZT sensors for direct X-ray imaging and its circuit improvement (ASIC) are being intensively studied. Researches for development of scintillating materials to improve the quality of X-ray imaging detectors had also been done.


Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) for extremely low luminosity applications

N-on-P type SiPMs (or SSPM, Geiger-mode APDs) have been designed and fabricated under a collaborative research project with National Nano-Fabrication Center (NNFC) at KAIST. A PET system using the KAIST SiPM had been constructed in collaboration with other universities. P-on-N type SiPM is also currently being designed and will be fabricated at NNFC in following months. DAQ ASIC to improve PET imaging quality using SiPM is also being investigated.


Radiation safeguard and security systems

Radiation shielding design and radio-activation analysis especially in pyroprocessing which is essential for 4th generation reactors is being done using MCNP. Radiation dosimetry devices and radioisotope identifying systems are also under the research interest of this group. There is an ongoing project related to Radiation Portal Monitor (RPM) system for radiation security in airports and harbors.